Roland TD-27K V-Drums
Roland TD-27K V-Drums
Roland TD-27K V-Drums

Roland TD-27K V-Drums


The TD-27K is a mid-range model that delivers immersive sound and response worthy of the best V-Drums. With a spacious acoustic look, the TD-27K combines the powerful performance and total customization of the TD-27 module with the high-end playability and sensitivity of the famous analog V-Pads Roland. But it allows you to go even further by accepting future expansions according to your needs. Thanks to the module's digital trigger inputs, the kit can easily be upgraded with digital cymbal and snare pads Roland, thus enjoying the same ultimate playability as the TD-27KV.

  • The TD-27 sound module with Prismatic Sound Modeling technology inherited from the high-end TD-50 module
  • An all-analog V-Pad configuration that accommodates three digital trigger inputs for the high-end digital playability of the pads
  • PDX-100 10-inch Mesh snare pad with stroke position detection and Rim Shot and Cross Stick playability
  • Three PDX-8 8-inch mesh drum pads for toms
  • Two CY-12C 12" Crash cymbals with natural swing, edge and body sensors, and muffling
  • One CY-13R 13 inch Ride cymbal with natural pendulum motion and edge, body and bell sensors
  • A V-Hi-Hat VH-10 hi-hat with natural motion and continuous open-to-close detection
  • KD-10 bass drum pad allows for all pedal techniques
  • Play in hyper-realistic virtual rooms with new PureAcoustic Ambience technology
  • Import your own WAV samples from an SD card
  • One stereo mix output and two assignable outputs for separate drum elements to a mixer
  • Built-in 28-channel USB audio interface for computer-based music production
  • Built-in Bluetooth for playing music from a smartphone or computer
  • Built-in educational features to improve your technique
  • Go further with Prismatic Sound modeling

    Derived from our flagship TD-50, the TD-27 is filled with percussive sounds that live and breathe like acoustic elements. We started by sampling the best drums, cymbals, and percussion, old and new, in the world's best studios. Prismatic Sound's unique modeling technology Roland is then applied to these samples, bringing them to life through more than two decades of proprietary behavioral modeling. Every time you hit a drum or cymbal, you're not just triggering a recorded sound; you're playing a real instrument that responds, like its acoustic counterpart, with a full range of timbres

  • High-end feel and playability

    When you sit behind a TD-27K, you get the expressiveness of the best V-Drums kits. Its pads are equipped with Mesh skins for the legendary V-Drums feel, with hit position detection on the snare pad for subtle timbre changes in different areas of an acoustic snare skin. The cymbals have an authentic swinging motion and can be muted by hand. The sounds differ depending on whether you hit the rim or body (Crash), the rim or body or the bell (Ride). Mounted on a standard hi-hat stand, the V-Hi-Hat VH-10 behaves like a real hi-hat cymbal, opening and closing and sounding different on the rim and on the body. This allows for all the traditional playing techniques on this element. Finally, the KD-10 bass drum pad has a fabric surface for a natural feel and authentic response

  • Future-ready with digital connections

    The TD-27 module is equipped with three digital trigger inputs, allowing for greater response and creative sound potential through future element additions. The high-end Roland digital snare (PD-140DS) and ride cymbal (CY-18DR) pads connect to the module via USB and provide an ultra-detailed playing experience similar to their acoustic counterparts. With automatic hit position detection, hits on the skin, cross stick or rim shot are immediately understood and transmitted to the module. Whether on the edge, the body or the bell, the hits on the Ride sound ideal. It is possible to mute this cymbal with a finger or the palm of the hand on any of its parts. The module also features three additional analog trigger connections so you can expand your kit with any V-Drums pad

  • Create your signature drum kit

    On an acoustic drum kit, you make your sound by changing the skins, tuning them differently, muting them in your own way, adjusting the timbre of the snare drum, changing the bass drum... All this is possible within the TD-27 module, so you can assemble different kits for different uses. Just hit a pad to select it, then use the intuitive editing tools and buttons to get the sound you want. Your changes are saved automatically so you can stay focused on the game. You can even load your own samples and layer them over the module's internal sounds to further customize your kits. And the new PureAcoustic Ambience technology creates incredibly natural, immersive soundscapes as you play

  • Powerful connectivity for stage and studio With

    its wide range of connectors, the TD-27K delivers fantastic sounds on stage and in the recording studio. The TD-27 module has a stereo output for overall sound, plus two Direct outputs to send individual kick drums, snare drums or other elements to the mixing console for processing. In the studio, the built-in USB audio interface makes it easy to produce music on a computer, providing up to 28 separate audio channels via a single cable. MIDI connection is also possible via the USB or dedicated jacks, allowing you to synchronize other MIDI instruments and trigger sounds from software

  • Bluetooth connectivity and built-in teaching tools

    Built-in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly listen to audio from a smartphone or computer from the module, which is great when using headphones. You can play your favorite tracks or a drum lesson on YouTube at the same time. Built-in coaching features help you develop your technique and track your progress, while the advanced metronome lets you work on tempo. And you can record your playing at any time and play it back to find out where you need to improve

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