USB Audio Interface 1 Input

Improved audio performance

The 3rd generation Scarlett mic preamp is the most powerful to date, with an enhanced dynamic range and even lower noise level for professional-quality recordings. State-of-the-art 24-bit/192 kHz AN-NA converters take your recordings to the next level for a clearer and more impactful result across the entire sound spectrum.

The preamps, which have been improved, can reproduce the Air function of the original ISA microphone preamp, perfect for close recordings of a microphone for voices and acoustic instruments to donner them a brighter and more spacious sound.

Interactive onboarding is a revolution in the user experience.

The easiest to use interfaces on the market! The QuickStart tool will guide the user through registration, software and driver setup, to get the best out of their Focusrite experience.

The USB driver is rock solid.

The latency of the 3rd generation Scarlett is so low that you won't even notice it. Record and monitor everything in real time with your favorite plug-ins.

Its features are distinguished above all by its third-generation microphone preamp: with a switchable Air setting to reproduce the Air effect of Focusrite's historical ISA preamp, giving your voice recordings a clearer and more open sound.

High impedance instrument input and Headroom allow guitar or bass to be recorded without clipping or unwanted distortion, while Halo level indicators make it easy to adjust the input level. In addition, Scarlett Solo's balanced outputs do not generate noise when you connect studio monitors with balanced inputs. This gives you flawless audio playback.

The Scarlett Solo connects directly to your Mac or PC via a USB cable, without any external power supply. It comes with all the software tools needed to get started, including two major platforms that are Ableton Live Lite and Pro Tools (3 months free trial).

Intuitive enough for beginners, but advanced enough to inspire real creativity and packed with remarkable audio effects.

Thanks to the Hitmaker Expansion, enjoy more than 1300€ of

plug-ins and software offered with your audio interface Focusrite !


- Power supply: USB

- Phantom power supply: Yes

- Category: audio interface

- Compatibility: PC, Mac

- Dimensions (mm): 43.5 x 143.5 x 95.8

- Format: desktop

- Sampling frequency: 192 kHz

- Interfacing: USB-C

- Software provided: Antares Auto-Tune Access, Brainworx bx_oberhausen, Relab LX480 essentials, Softube Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555, XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2, Brainworx bx_masterdesk, Ableton Live Lite, Focusrite Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-In Suite, Focusrite Plug-in Collective, Splice Sounds, Pro Tools (3 months trial), Brainworx bx_console Focusrite, XLN Audio Addictive Keys

- Number of entries: 2

- Number of analog inputs: 2

- # of exits: 2

- # instrument inputs: 1

- # microphone inputs: 1

- Weight (kg): 0.32 kg

- Max resolution: 24-bit

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